Why aren’t I receiving referrals?

I'm doing so much networking...but where are my referrals?

If so, you might start with looking in the mirror! Ask yourself, “Have I done everything I can to make my networking colleagues ‘know, like and trust’ me?”

One of the biggest mistakes networkers make is putting themselves first in business relationships rather than approaching it from the point of GIVING. Networkers who are GIVERS first find themselves on the direct path to developing “Know, Like & Trust” (KLT):

Ok, so how do you become a GIVER? A great way to start is to ask your networking colleagues “What can I do to help you? Who in my network can I introduce you to?” Caution - it’s not enough just to ask, though! You must follow through with the connections and assistance you have promised.

One giving tactic that I think is greatly underused is liking, commenting and sharing your colleagues’ social media posts. It’s very effective and doesn’t take too much time and effort. Chances are you check LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram several times a day. While you are there, take a few minutes to read the posts of your colleagues and then like, comment and share them. Doing this helps your networking partners to increase their social media reach and credibility. And, by the way, boosts your own social media as well.

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