Is your networking more like “notworking?”

If this is the case, you are not alone. There are many reasons that you are “notworking” instead of networking. Sometimes it’s due to a misunderstanding of what networking actually is. Here are some common examples of “notworking”:

  • Showing up at a networking event with a bunch of business cards and standing there waiting for someone to talk to you.
  • Speeding around the room at a networking event, breaking into conversations to hand your business card to everyone you see.
  • Attending a networking event, finding the people you know, then standing in a cluster with them the entire time.
  • Dominating conversations, telling people everything about your business without learning about anyone else.
  • Asking people for business or trying to close a deal on the spot.
  • Not giving your full attention to the person who you are speaking with. Scanning the crowd for someone you think is more important, more interesting or a better prospect.
  • Blasting an email to everyone on the list from a networking event, regardless of whether or not you met them. Using that email to make a sales pitch.

If any of these situations sound a little too familiar, reach out to The Networking Goddess to schedule a consultation! Together, we will take you from “notworking” to networking!